Friday, October 16, 2009

Making a Difference Part 2 / Three-Seconds a Day

I mentioned that Make A Difference Day, a national day of community service, is coming up on October 24. I’m sure plenty of people will have reasons why they couldn’t possibly spend a day helping out in their community. After all, “time is money”. So I decided to provide some options for those time-challenged individuals.

If you have only 3 seconds a day to Make a Difference:
Click on Mammograms for women in need are funded by sponsors just for clicking on their site.

If you have 10 seconds a day to Make a Difference:
Click on the other 5 tabs at the same site:
· The Hunger Site provides food to those in need
· Child Health Site funds healthcare to children
· The Literacy Site gives free books to children
· The Rainforest Site provides habitat protection
· The Animal Rescue Site pays for food and shelter for rescued animals

If you do buy from any of the sponsors ads on the site, additional monies go to the cause. They make it really easy by sending you a daily email to remind you to take the 10 seconds a day to click on each of the links on the site. I am not exaggerating – it takes 10 seconds to click on the link in the daily email, then click on each one of the tabs mentioned above.

If you did this every day for one year, it would be equivalent to 7-1/2 days of volunteering. No vacation time used, no money spent. And you thought 10 seconds a day could never make a difference?

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