Monday, October 19, 2009

The Next Evolution: From Aha to Yee-ha

There was recently trademark litigation around the use of the Aha Moment; a phrase made famous by Oprah, but now co-opted by an insurance company. The phrase has become so much a part of our vernacular that is already listed on

Well, Oprah may have the trademark on the Aha Moment, but I’m trademarking the Yee-Ha Moment. Whereas the Aha Moment is the sudden understanding or recognition of a concept or idea, the Yee-Ha Moment is experiencing something of which you previously only had an intellectual or academic understanding. Think of it as the next evolution of the Aha Moment.

My first Aha Moment was in the fifth grade when my teacher had us grapple with the saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. I was so proud of myself when that light bulb went off. My first Yee-Ha Moment was falling in love. It’s that moment when you experience something that you’ve read about, seen in movies or witnessed in people around you. But then it happens to you – YEE-HA! It’s one of those times that people always tell you “you’ll know it when it happens to you”. Most recently for me, asthma attacks and hot flashes have fallen into this category. I was going to reserve my definition of a Yee-Ha Moment exclusively to experiences that are joyful; however, I've changed my mind. Both my asthma attacks and hot flashes, although not pleasant experiences, have definitely made me more understanding and compassionate toward people. And to that I say – “Yee-Ha”!

So Oprah, take notice – you can have the rights to the Aha Moment; but the Yee-Ha Moment is mine.

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